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Job Vacancy

PT. Global Niaga Internusa (GNI) provides opportunities for all those who have the potential and passion to work in companies engaged in supply chains on an Asian scale. By joining GNI, we believe you can make the best contribution to our company by contributing your competence. With the skills and personality possessed, together we can achieve the value by sharing the ideas, and meaningful projects to become a professional worker.

Content of Career Fitur

Internship Program


PT. Global Niaga Internusa (GNI) internship program, is a career development program provided by GNI for students or freshgraduates who want to develop their potential, improve their skills especially in the field of supply chain as an effective solution of Asia trading. The benefit that you will get by join GNI Internship Program is definetely to ensures you know how to contribute to trading company and experience the environtment of working in asia’s trading especially in supply chain company.